I’m Bringing Bloggy Back

Way back when I first started blogging(circa 2006) over on a homeschool blogging platform, it was about sharing what our family was up to, what we were doing in our homeschool on a day to day basis, encouragement and making online friendships. Oh, how I miss those days!  It was so much easier back then.  My blog was homey and I loved regularly sharing there.  It started to become complicated a few years ago. Some of my favorite bloggers seemed to only post reviews about products.  It became less homey and more business  oriented.  I don’t blame these moms for taking advantage of the financial opportunities to provide for their families.  They were in a position to do well given their reader numbers, BUT I began to dread their posts because I knew that it would be a push for one more product that they may or may not actually be using regularly or really, truly love.  I’m not judging, these bloggers are making a living and that is their thing.  I just feel that we need to bring the love back to blogging.  A good balance is key.

I get it, times have changed.  Blogging is a business, but to me, the relationship aspect that I loved is fading away.  My blog has been highly neglected and I think I’ve figured out why.  I feel guilty if I am not posting about some fantastic new product or website so I end up not posting at all.  Sillly, huh?  Why can’t I be a legit blogger if I write about life?  Some of my favorite blogs are about just that.  Success in blogging isn’t just about profit for me.

A few months ago, I had the great pleasure of hearing Christine Caine of A21 and Hillsong speak.  First off, if you ever get a chance to hear her–run don’t walk to the nearest venue.  Now to the word–she was speaking on the loaves and fishes miracle.  Out of thousands, only one little boy offered up what they had brought for lunch.  Surely, there had been more, but they didn’t offer all that they had.  I may not have much, but what can God do with what I do have?  Why have I been withholding?  I want to encourage women and homeschool moms with my blog.  Just maybe I have a great idea or scripture to share.  So what if it isn’t earning me fistfuls of cash–I want to invest in people and I want God to multiply what I do have to give.

Now, on to business.  Would I like to do reviews and be an affiliate for companies that I absolutely love and believe in?  Absolutely, Yes!  I would love to be able to share things that I feel will benefit my readers and that I truly love.  I will entertain sponsored posts and reviews.  I will be an affiliate of companies that I believe in.  I just won’t hold back on my ordinary life either. 

One of my favorite things to do in real life is to sit one on one with a cup of coffee and talk about life, things I love, give advice and enjoy their company.  That is my vision for this blog.

So there you have it.  I don’t want to ever alienate anyone.  My promise is to be real and honest in this space–an extension of my home.  

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