An Introvert Attends 2:1

Titus 2:1 Conference

This was my second year to attend the 2:1 Conference.  The theme was “Live Boldly”.  Ahem…bold does not begin to describe me.  I am way out of my comfort zone at large gatherings of women, yet I am always attending things by myself.  I guess I’m pushing my own limits and stretching myself so that I can grow.  Written words are more my arena, but I’m working at living bolding in real life!

Grow, I did! I felt a little out of the loop sometimes, but I got a lot out of attending this year.  I was challenged many times to live out the story that God is writing for me.  Only He knows the story and how it will end.  He will use me for his glory and I am willing to let Him be the author of my life.  Sometimes, I try to change the plot.  I am learning that I am uniquely made and my story is not going to be the same as anyone else’s story.  I will have joy and heartache along the way, but God will use these life events to shape me and the people around me.   I need to fully embrace my story and tell it for the good of others.  It’s not always pretty, but it can all be useful.

One of the other ways I grew was to reach out to women I hadn’t met before and accept invitations for meals.  This resulted in some lovely times of discussion, prayer and ginormous bowls of soup.  The absolute highlight of my time at 2:1 actually happened before the conference started.  I guess that is how things go when God directs.  I had already talked myself out of going, but I timidly went with my roomie, Stephanie, to visit Tracy Klicka’s room.  We joined a small group of ladies for some amazing French pressed coffee and had some wonderful conversations late into the night.  I feel so blessed to have met the women I did that night.  Building relationships is one of the best things about this conference.  I met too many ladies to list here, but they were all special.  Unfortunately, I can’t even show pictures because I’m so introverted, I’m afraid to ask to snap a photo!


My ginormous bowl of soup that I had with Sherryl and Katrina.

Breakout sessions were awesome.  I have so much that I could share about those.  I attended sessions presented by Lisa Pennington, Linda Difino and Tracy Klicka.

Some quotes:

Evaluate and clean up what you are doing with your life.  Have a keep, throw out and giveaway list.” Lisa Pennington

Ask God for different “wannas”.” Lisa Pennington

He needs to build it.  Tell the story that He wants us to tell.” Linda Difino

Our testimony comes from brokenness.”  Tracey Klicka

I also really enjoyed hearing Marianne Sunderland, Heidi St. John, Kendra Fletcher, Angie Smith, Sherry Seglison and Ashley Wiggers.  Everyone was so amazing and they all spoke life into faith, family and blogging.  I wish I could share all of my notes with you, but it would make for a very long post.  Trust me, it was life changing and I hope you would pray about attending the next conference in Kitty Hawk, NC in October 2015!



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