The $200 Hamster

                                                          Miss Stormy and Mocha

This is a testament to our family’s love of animals.  Stormy is Pickles’ beloved Winter White hamster.  She was a replacement for her other beloved hamster, Acorn.  She’s still in the deep freezer, but that’s another story!
Stormy developed a large abcess over Christmas break so we took her to the vet when we returned from our trip to Texas.  It turned out that she needed surgery because she was in severe pain and it would eventually kill her.  Pickles couldn’t handle the news.  We had to save Stormy’s life.  So on Friday, little Stormy went in for surgery.  With anethesia and surgical fees, it was $200!!!   We are so thankful that we received some money for Christmas.  It’s not what we would have liked to spend it on, but at least we have a live(very valuable) hamster and a happy girl.  Pickles has aspirations to be a vet. technician, so she is getting practice with administering medication and watching Stormy’s stitches.  At least it is a learning experience for her.
We are thankful for the companion animals that God has blessed us with.
“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten in God’s sight.”
Luke 12:6

What would you have done?

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