It happened, move on.

It’s a new year!  Happy 2013!  I am praying for a better year for our family this year.  2012 was not our best year.  We made a move across the country from a place we loved–Newport, RI.  We have lived here in Colorado for almost 9 months, but it still feels a bit lonely.  Our homeschooling became a bit more cumbersome with a combination of boredom, learning differences and too many outside activities.  Buddy was finally diagnosed with autism.  Pickles is in her tween years.  Major Dad works a lot.  I have had to deal with depression.
 On the bright side, we have been blessed with an amazing church.  I am so thankful for the family we are a part of there.  God has used it to strengthen us so much.  The most important thing is that we love God, He loves us and we love each other.  We made it through the last year and we’ll look forward to a great 2013.  My new motto for this year is “It happened, move on”.  I tend to linger on things a bit too long.  I drag out lectures and explanations to the kids and Major Dad when something goes awry.  Well, this year, I am going to chill out and move on.    How about you?

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