Once Again

I keep feeling called to blog again and I’ve resisted for quite some time.  I have blogged on and off for the last 6 years.   No time like the beginning of a new year for a new start.  I am still praying about a vision for this blog.  I have so many angles, but I’d like it to be a portrait of my family.  We are so multi-faceted.  We are Christians.  We are an active duty Army family.  We homeschool.  Buddy was adopted from Guatemala and is on the autism spectrum.  He loves all things Toy Story and Star Wars. He prefers to stay home over doing anything else unless it is an amusement park!  Pickles is our very active daughter.  She enjoys her church groups, playing computer games, gymnastics, tap dancing, acting, singing, caring for our animals(2 Italian greyhounds, 2 hamsters, 2 frogs and 8 fish!) and talking to extended family on Skype.  Major Dad loves the outdoors and lives and breathes the military.  I’m the mom.  I am a former special education teacher.  I also have a degree in Geography and I love all things related to geography.  I have a strong desire to show love and compassion to the children in our world.  I love being blessed to stay at home to raise our children and teach them.  We are always growing in our faith.  We make a lot of mistakes, but thanks to God’s amazing grace, we never give up.  I’d love for you to join us at our little home on the web.  Welcome!

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